​The Bible – Why Read it?

A young woman enjoyed reading books of all kinds and about many subjects. But one day she read a book which did not please her at all. She was talking with a good friend and she told him about the disappointing book. She declared it to be the most boring book she had ever read. She said, "If I ever meet the author I would ask him why he wrote such a worthless book."

Some months later she met and fell in love with a wonderful and brilliant Christian man. One night, as they were talking together, the young man saw that "worthless book" sitting on the coffee table. He asked, "Have you read this book?" The girl replied, "Yes, I have. Why do you ask?" The young man hesitated a few moments. Then shyly, he said, "Because, I wrote it!"

They didn't talk about the book any more, but later that evening, after the young man left, she picked up the book and began to read it. Unlike the first time she read the book, she became interested in what the young man had written. She took her time, and thought about the things she read. She often picked up the book and reread many sections. Each time she read a passage again she discovered new insights and ideas. She enjoyed reading the book this time. And she wondered why she had found the book so disappointing, and boring, and worthless the first time she read it.

The only difference between her two encounters with this book was that she now knew, and loved, and cared about the author. Because she knew the author, she found much to treasure in his book.

The same is true when we read the Bible. We hurry through it and do not find and meaning in it. We find the Bible dull, and boring, and not having much to say about our lives. It can be disappointing, discouraging, dull and boring. Then we often set it aside and ignore it, declaring it to be a worthless book.

But if we experience God in our lives, and get to know him, the Bible becomes much more interesting to read. We become interested in what God is saying to us, and we enjoy reading the Bible. When we take our time and think about the things we read, we discover new insights and  ideas, especially as we read sections of the Bible. Reading the Bible each day can be a rich and  rewarding experience. We find comfort and encouragement. People turn to their Bibles for the     answers to everyday questions , especially in times when they are depressed, tired, worried, or  anxious. But the Bible is more than a consolation in times of trouble or need. It is a whole library of inspiring, helpful, practical and enjoyable stories – stories of the world's beginning, of love, of history, of war. It contains a multitude of poems and songs which are both relaxing and entertaining to read.

The first step toward daily Bible reading is to find a Bible you can easily understand, and read. Don't attempt to read too much at one time, one story or section at a time is a good way to begin. Many of the shorter books can be read at one sitting, making it easier to understand that story.

Remember the author, remember he loves you very much. Before long you may discover you are eager to read what he wants to say to you. Be patient. When you encounter passages which are not clear, take your time and reread the verse or chapter. When you  discuss your questions with others, you will find new ideas, a fresh way to look at the stories. Visit your Bible often. Feel free to write in your Bible. Underline something important to you, or place question marks, asterisks, exclamation points, etc. in the margins. Try to read complete stories rather than chapters. The     stories are much more enjoyable, and understandable if read in a single reading.

                                Remember you already know the author.

                                     Read about his great love for you.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Pastor Leah