​​​​Pastor Leah 

As we continue to go through pictures of our Congregation's past we frequently discover that we don't know
the names of some of the people. Yet each of these people are part of our history. Their presence strengthened
and encouraged our congregation. Each person, member and visitor, those who were here for a short time or a
long time, are part of who we are. They are part of our story, and part of God's story. As we look at pictures of
these people, it is fun when someone suddenly remembers one of their names.  

The Bible is the story of God and his love for his people. There are many people whose names we never know.
Their names were not recorded. Some of those whose names we will never know are: the shepherds who visited
the baby Jesus, the Wise men who followed the star, the woman who suffered from severe bleeding, the young
boy who gave Jesus five loaves and two fish, the Canaanite woman, the rich young man, the woman at the well,
the Centurion at the foot of the cross, the two thieves on crosses next to Jesus.
Their actions and words were important, and we remember their stories, but their names were not recorded.
Yet they are part of God's story, and therefore, part of our story, part of our history.

We remember the names of many in the Bible: Adam & Eve, Cain, & Abel, Moses, Abraham, Rebecca, Noah, Ruth, Job,

David, Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Mary & Joseph, Peter, John, Paul, and many, many others.

We have fun spending some time trying to discover the names of people in our pictures.
It is also fun to spend some time trying to remember the names of people in the Bible.
If we have forgotten their names, we can reread some of the stories and discover their names.

For instance, can you recall the names of these people?

(Book and chapter numbers are given to help you.)

The man who went into a pit with a lion on a snowy day and killed it?

(2 Samuel 23:20-23)
The first named Christian martyr?

(Acts, chapters 6 & 7)
The man whose donkey talked to him?

(Numbers, chapter 22)
The prophet who went up to heaven in a whirlwind in a fiery chariot?

(2 Kings, chapter 2)
The elderly man and the old woman who saw baby Jesus at the temple?

(Luke, Chap. 2)
The King who saw a human hand writing on the wall?

(Daniel, chapter 5)
God told what soldier he had too many men to fight against the Midianites?

(Judges, chapter 7)
Who didn't want to wash in the Jordan River seven times to be cured of his leprosy?

(2 Kings, chapter 5)
The name of the man who went to Jesus in the darkness of the night?

(John, chapter 3)
Daniel spent a night in the lion's den, but can you name the three who were thrown into the fiery furnace?

(Daniel, chapter 3)

[Answers will be given in next month's Newsletter]