​​​​Bible Study & Faith Discussions was started in order to focus on various readings, books, verses, people of faith,

& other general topics. The groups members offer various points of view while reviewing the Bible & various aspects

of their faith together in order to develop a better understanding of God's Word & Various Belief Structures. Members support each other in their thoughts & beliefs. We welcome everyone to gather together to explore the Word & Faith.

​Join us In-Person or on the Conference Call on Wednesday Evenings beginning January 26th, from 7-8PM.

​​The Sunday School Program is working on educating the upcoming generation to be able to pick up the

cross after us. The program consists of education through scripture, crafts, games, videos, & various other

activities. The children participate in Operation Christmas Child & help out with the Hat, Mitten, & Scarf Tree.

Children of all ages welcome to attend.

Wild About Jesus! Sundays from 9AM to 10AM.

For more info, or for volunteer opportunities please contact Heather or the Church Office.​

​​​​The Women of the Churchhave a mission & purpose & it is to serve as a community of women created

in the image of God, called to discipleship in Jesus Christ, & empowered by the Holy Spirit.

The women commit themselves to grow in faith, affirm they gifts, support one another in their callings,

engage in ministry & action, & promote healing & wholeness in the church, the society, & the work. Most

importantly this is a group of women who love the Lord & each other & are working for Christ.

 The Sunday School & Vacation Bible School have been supported with donations, the Food Pantry has been

supported with donations & Christmas Stockings with gift cards & other small gifts, blanket drives have been

held, school kits & baby layettes have been collected, & help has been provided with whatever Lutheran

World Life is in need of. They have also helped Indian reservations & L.A.M.P. Missionary Pilots

in the past. They have hosted the National Day of Prayer in conjunction with other local churches. The

women purchase or have made all of the altar paraments & linens, & assist in other areas of the church.

The women also ask that you save your box tops for education, soda tabs, & soup labels.

Please place them in the containers on the counter in the narthex.

The Women of the Church will hold their next monthly meeting on Monday, March 7th, 2022, at 6PM.

Visitors are always welcome! Come on out & join them!

The most important thing we do each week is gather together as God's people to worship. God is the

center & focus of everything we do. Participating in worship is active. Liturgy means the work &

actions of the people gathered. Everything we do during the week to prepare for worship, & everything

we do as we assist in leading worship, is important. Ushers, Readers, Worship Assistants,

Communion Assistants, Home Communion Ministers, Altar Guild, Choir & The Music Team

help make worship a meaningful experience for everyone. All are invited to participate. We are

thankful for all the wonderful work being done. Along with the new tasks you may be willing to try.

If you are interested in any position in our Worship Ministry Team please let Pastor Leah know.

We will gladly teach you how to do what you would most like to do.

 TheChoir & Music Team prepare & sing various hymns & anthems during our Worship Service.

While the Organist plays the piano & organ & provides musical accompaniment to the Choir.

Feel free to join us during our Worship Service to experience all of the Joyful Noise!

​​The Choir is always looking for more people to join in & sing praises & play music for the Lord.

Please contact the church office or any choir member if you are interested in joining.

Choir Rehearsal has been postponed due to COVID Protocols at this time.

Our Home Communion Ministry is up & running. A Minister is available if you have a loved one,

or you yourself desire services in the community please let the church office know so plans can be made.

We look forward in sharing the Word & Holy Communion with you! We continue to look for anyone

interested & willing to help out & be trained. Please inform Pastor Leah, Vince, or Kathy of your interest.

Currently in-home ministry has been postponed due to COVID, but Holy Communion is available over the phone.

​​​​​​The Prayer Shawl Ministry started because there are so many people in need of prayer,

& we would like to do more than simply praying. The ministry's message of caring is simple,

universal, & enduring. The shawl provides something to hold as tangible evidence of our care

& concern, as well as God's love. As each person knits stories are shared about the person for

whom the shawl is made. Prayers are said as the shawls are being worked. During various times

throughout the year at church services we ask for God's blessing on these prayer shawls.

The ministry is open to anyone interested in joining. Sharing stitches & patterns are welcome,

as well as beginners. Shawls are collected year round, as long as dedicated people continue to

make them. The success & blessing this ministry has provided since its inception is truly wonderful.

The group continues to work in their individual homes, & there are no more meetings at this time.

There are always more prayer shawls, scarves, & lap quilts to give out or take for yourself or someone else.

There is lots of yarn to be turned into more as well. New shawls can be brought into the church office at any time.

​​The Food Pantry is open every Thursday, & the last Saturday of every month from 10AM-1PM.

Please be respectful of the additional safety measures put in place.
Photo ID & proof of residency are required. The Food Pantry serves residents in emergency need in
Lower Township. 
We have been blessed to serve 59 people in December, & 572 people in 2021.

Bags are packed with various items listed below in order to help those in need. All food donations can be placed

in the basket in the Narthex. Your spare change can be left in the jug in the back of the church. Financial

donations can be sent in to the church office or placed in the Sunday collection. N. Cape May Acme, other

local community businesses, & various people throughout the community & church continue to keep our pantry

stocked. We want to say a special thank you to everyone for all of your continued support & prayers!  

Items can be purchased to help fill the Food Pantry are peanut butter, jelly, canned beef stew, canned chili, canned ravioli,

boxed or bagged pasta noodles, pasta sauce, mac & cheese, canned baked beans or pinto beans, boxed cold cereals,

beef or chicken ramen noodles, canned corn, canned green beans, canned carrots, canned fruit, canned soups,

canned chicken, canned tuna, canned or boxed potatoes, individual packets of saltines or crackers, & shelf stable milk.

Our Prayer Ministry is ever so mindful that people may not be in the best health, or need some extra

support & a watchful eye. Our thoughts & prayers go with them every day in hopes that their lives

may be fully enriched through the spirit in which God can bless & keep them. We pray endlessly

that these folks may experience healing & grace from the Father, Spirit, & Son. Folks listed below

have been identified as those that need additional prayers. How they are related or known by our

church members or friends is also listed next to their names. This list is updated weekly. It is

available at the back of the church in the narthex on a clipboard to be modified or added to before

names are read during the Prayers of The Church during Sunday Morning Worship Service.

​Delores Basco (Church Member)
Joanne (Maryanne Lauer’s Friends)
Andrew Hudak (Rose Lang’s Friend)
Fred Lang (Betty Lang’s Family)
Viena Murtha (Bob Fritsch’s Friend)
Lorraine Fennimore (Church Member)
Amanda Testa (Betty Bickley’s Family)
Bill Bickley (Betty Bickley's Family)
Jim Donovan (Alice Davis’ Friend)
Joe Basco (Delores Basco’s Family)
Bob Brady (Maryanne Lauer’s Friend)
Bill Kanass (Betty Lang's Family)
Betty Lang (Church Member)
Betty Becker (Church Member)
Veronica Silvas (Rose Lang's Friend)
Peter Berger (Betty Lang’s Friend)
Ed Borse (Betty Lang’s Friend)
Rosalie Stackhouse (Church Member)
Mo Bixler (Skip & Bonnie Millard's Friend)
Tommy Hudanich (Rose Lang’s Friend)
Christy Spero (Blanche Cameron's Family)
Maria Perez (Bob Fritsch's Friend)
Donald Williams (Delores Basco’s Friend)
Lisa Mishler (Maryanne Lauer’s Family)
Mark (Maryanne Lauer's Friends)
Megan Pratz (Betty Lang’s Friend)
Patty Cioce (Betty Lang’s Friend)
Pat Vecchione (Emily Hansen's Friend)
Rob Norcross (Betty Lang’s Friend)
Mildred McDonald (Betty Lang’s Friend)
Charlie Buckley (Church Family)

​Linda Bowker (Church Member)
Debbie Pabon (Mary Melnicoff’s Family)
Butch Mitchell (Mary Pierce's Family)
Carla Wagner (Betty Lang’s Family)
     Kenny Payner (Leon Stitt’s Family)   
Carmen & Brook (Maryanne Lauer’s Friends)
Christine Schneider (Audrey Kinka’s Family)
Maisie Donnelly (Betty Bickley’s Family)
Alice Basco Matics (Delores Basco's Family)
Jackie Churchman (Audrey Kinka’s Family)
Tom McNamara (Audrey Kinka’s Family)
Beth & Bill Knapp (Betty Lang’s Family)
Caroline Palush (Bonnie & Skip Millard’s Family)
Sharon Waicus (Skip & Bonnie Millard's Friend)
James Kershaw (Audrey Kinka’s Friend)
Edna McCann (Maryanne Lauer's Friend)
John Lauer, Jr. (Maryanne Lauer & Betty Becker’s Family)
BettyAnn Rich-White (Church Member)
Louise Bowker (Linda & Paul Bowker's Family)
Craig Brearey (Judy Brannan & Mary Melnicoff's Friend)
     Justin Irazarry (Mary Melnicoff’s Family)
Kay Call (Church Member)
Melissa Moore (Harry & Phyllis Streit's Family)
Salvatore Friscia (Diana DeNote's Family)
Patti Jones (Susan Pulley's Friend)
Debbie West (Church Family)
Denny Lauer (Maryanne Lauer's Family)
Diane Maguire (Maryanne Lauer's Family)
Judy Po (Betty Lang's Family)
Janet Coleman (Church Member)
Del McKenna (Church Member)

​Susan Horn (Judy Brannan's Friend)
Dorian Barton (Mary Melnicoff's Friend)
Patrick Brannan (Judy Brannan's Family)
Eleanor Aumack (Diana DeNote's Friend)
Bandit (Betty Lang's Dog)
Niecie Beard (Maryanne Lauer's Family)
Charlotte Heigon (Judy Brannan's Friend)
Suzie Clark (Rose Lang's Friend)
Bobbie Nichols (Rose Lang’s Friend)
Sarah Dutton (Frank & Sharon Ford’s Family)
     Trevor Conrad (Frank & Sharon Ford’s Family)
     Kathy Jenkins (Rosalie Stackhouse’s Family)
Kathy Beard (Maryanne Lauer's Family)
Eric Dishman (Church Family)
Billy McBride (Leon Stitt's Friend)
Judy Connors (Bonnie & Skip Millard's Friend)
     Betty Rauenzahn (Rose Lang’s Friend)
Deb, Pete, & Baby Boy Miller (Fran & Ed Green's Family)
Jill Slowakewicz (Diana DeNote's Friend)
Cassie Jost (Church Member)
The Family & Friends of Dave Stitely (Heather & Vincent Piekarski's Family)
John, Emily, & Jack Fulham (Diana DeNote's Family)​