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It’s that time of year again that we begin our spring cleaning, and that time of year we get our committee together and begin planning for our Annual Church Rummage Sale on Saturday, June 29th, from 6AM to 12Noon. Our next meeting will be on Sunday, June 9th, following our Worship Service to make additional plans. We will also plan to coordinate things before Whale of A Day so that all unsold items can be transported there to have a second chance in being sold to raise funds for the Property Owners Association of Townbank. We look forward to this event helping rebuild our Capital Improvement Fund.

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The Women of the Church host their monthly

Coffee Hour on Sunday, May 19th, following our

Worship ServiceIf you have any questions or need more information, see Judy or Kathy.

A Memorandum of Understanding
On the Matter of Pastoral Appointment
In Theological Education for Emerging Ministries (TEEM) Candidacy
TO: Congregation Council, Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, Villas
FROM: The Rev. Tracie L. Bartholomew, Bishop, New Jersey Synod

Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ,
This memorandum is in support of your discussions with Vincent Piekarski as pastor of Holy Spirit, Villas. Because this is not the usual pattern for completing the educational and candidacy requirements for ordination, it is my hope that this memorandum will both provide guidelines and engage in conversation with those who are invested in this process.

I would say at the outset that because Vincent is an outstanding candidate for the Ministry of Word and Sacrament, we will all want to do whatever is necessary to assure that his placement serves the mission of the church in the best possible fashion.

The following notes reflect my own understanding of this matter:
(1) The appointment for Vincent will begin on April 1, 2023. At this time, Vincent will  
     assume all responsibilities of a regularly called pastor, including presiding at the
     Sacrament of Holy Communion and Baptism at Holy Spirit, Villas.
(2) A pastoral appointment in the TEEM process is an option for completing
     seminary educational requirements and the steps of the candidacy process.
     Upon completion of the candidacy process and seminary education, the
     candidate may receive and accept a call to ordained ministry from the
     congregation where the appointment is being served.
(3) This appointment is jointly supervised by the Office of the Bishop and the TEEM
     pastor’s seminary. A mentoring relationship with a local pastor is required for the
     length of this appointment.     
(4) The synod of candidacy origin will be responsible for the approval process.
(5) Upon approval for ordination, the congregation would be expected to extend a
     call to the pastoral appointee.
(6) Compensation for the TEEM pastor will be according to the guidelines of the New
     Jersey Synod. All normal forms of compensation should be in place for the term
     of the appointment, including stipulation that base salary and housing shall be in
     accord with synod guidelines for first call at time of ordination.
(7) The ELCA Portico benefit plan for lay persons in full-time church service should
     be used for the pastoral appointee up to the time of ordination, whereupon the
     benefit package is to be converted to the plan for ELCA clergy.  
(8) A decision for Pastoral Appointment is made with the agreement of a synod and its
     candidacy committee, and the ELCA, normally represented by the regional staff person
     of each in consultation with the seminary and its Director for Contextual Education.
(9) Pastoral Appointment in a TEEM Candidacy is an option that is to serve the mission of
     the Church in a particular and vital way and is not to be viewed or used as a means to
     circumvent the normal candidacy process and/or first call placement process.

In the specific case of Vincent, the New Jersey Synod remains responsible for the candidacy and approval process,

and has agreed to this proposal for Appointment at Holy Spirit, Villas.

Continued blessings to both Holy Spirit and Vincent Piekarski as you embark on this journey of mutual ministry.

As partners in ministry, we walk with you and rejoice in this new relationship.